There are some things you shouldn’t leave the boat without!
Here goes the list…

  • Look at the sea from the mast! The feeling of being so high, while the ship is rocking, the view of the sea in the distance, and how you see that the Earth is round is just WOW!
  • You grab the rope and the boat pulls you through the water. It can be demanding on the muscles, but it is interesting to try.
  • Jumping off a buoy is top-notch! While the ship is sailing, a sharp turn is made and in a moment you are flying with a buoy over the sea. The team prompts you when to jump into the water and it is a really crazy experience.
  • Looking at the stars and waiting for the shooting star. One of my favorite activities, when we are in the bay and all the lights go out and there are a million stars in the sky, so every now and then you see one falling. Perfect.
  • Diving and feeding fish. There are a lot of them everywhere and it is interesting how to feed them from the deck and watch them run, as well as be a part of their world. The mask and fins can be quite useful in that, so if you have a recommendation is to bring it.
  • A little physical activity. Whether it’s swimming, yoga, or diving – it will come in handy as there is a very little real movement. One morning we walked to the lookout point on the Kornati islands and it was a very good exercise that we all missed.

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