If you were wondering how to pack for sailing, be my guest.

Take half of everything you normally carry from your wardrobe for the summer, pack it in a travel bag (there is no room for a suitcase), and you can go. You walk barefoot on the boat, so you need the slippers only for the marina.

Before going on the ship, we go shopping for a couple of days. The list of groceries is best compiled by one person who’s task is kitchen and cooking, by making a 7-day menu plan. We made a joint Google document where we expressed our wishes, made a ship’s budget, and then went shopping accordingly. We went to the marina to take a shower and buy more food/drinks, so it’s no problem if something goes wrong.

A warm recommendation is to take plastic plates, forks, glasses. We want our life to be easy on vacation.

Since the ship has a lot of storage space on all sides, it is important that 2-3 people pack things after a large purchase, so that you can find your way around later.

After packing, we leave the marina. One of my favorite moments, even if time serves you right away – sailing can begin.

About a sailboat and limited space
The boat seems small, but there is enough space for everything you need. We had 3 toilets and a shower for the 10 of us and that was more than enough. We used the shower poorly, as our bathing was most often in the marina. Water is taken care of onboard, as it is limited and there is a special mechanism for using the toilet, easy to use without worries.

Usually 2 people can sleep in the cabin, everything is clean, tidy, comfortable and nice to sleep in.


The 3 most beautiful nights of sailing were when we took out the mattress and slept under the clear sky and the stars. The morning when the sun wakes you up is priceless.

Take care of the corners – we were all in some bruises. Even without knowing how they showed up.

Hammock and Dinghy (auxiliary boat) were our favorite places to sunbathe and bleat during the day. The upturned Dinghy is great for sleeping!

What does sailing look like?
When there is the wind, the fun begins! The boys are organizing in spreading the sails, and we (the girls) are enjoying ourselves. It is very nice when you see how the power of the wind gives energy to the ship for sailing and how much the ship can bend.

Good music, company, and sunset with sailing were my favorite part of the day.


  • When sailing starts, it is important that we are all in one place, as a boom (part of the mainsail) can kill you if it hits you. Everyone must take care of themselves, where they are sitting, what is above their head, and monitor the situation until everything is settled. After that, you can do everything‚Ķ
  • ‚Ķ Except going below deck. How everything swings – that is the only situation when you can be sick. With us on the ship, the three of us never sailed and no one had nausea or seasickness.
  • Learn to steer a ship. It was a really nice and fun experience for me. How to see where the wind blows, what the mainsail and the Genoa are for, how the ship moves while sailing and how the wind does it, what benchmarks you follow while sailing, how to use the automatic mode, how to go around the ships that meet you or cut the road. Your skipper can explain and show you all that.

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