I will just list some things here that have remained etched in my memory as unusual and some practical things to keep in mind when deciding on this type of vacation:

It is very important who is in your team, because you are in a cramped space and have been directed at each other for a few days. In both cases, we had a great time, although, for example, for the first time with half of the team, that is. 4 people we almost didn’t even know, so a little luck is not out of the question 🤗.
Even those who suffer from seasickness can sail (the girl who went with us was very sensitive about that issue, so after the first “lesson”, with taking anti-nausea medication, she completely enjoyed sailing).
The space is quite small (primarily for sleeping) so bring as few things as possible (you don’t even need much because you stay on the boat the most). So: bathing suits, towels, shorts, a pair of T-shirts and something for colder weather is quite enough.
Cosmetics are best packed in a kit that can be mounted (because it is convenient for showering in marinas).
Groceries to take with you on the boat – agree with the team what you need for those few days and fill the boat. Usually, there is a larger shop in the marinas or before boarding visit a larger store nearby. Normally, don’t overdo it – buying more of what you need or could run out of is possible in the places you visit.
There are so many different places to visit, that at some point you could feel lost and don’t know where you are.
When the sea is rough and you are sailing, do not go down to the boat (this is for those with a more sensitive stomach, but also in general).
😴 Sleeping on a boat – I was bothered by what it would look like and how much it would swing, and in fact, it turned out that it was almost like on land, the sea was almost imperceptible.
Toilet on board (use only when the ship is sailing – and shower and toilet). By the way, for example, during both sailings I only showered in the marinas or on the deck after swimming – I have never been in the bathroom/toilet because I am somehow cramped.
⛵ It is much cheaper to go at the beginning or end of the season. Yes, then there is a higher probability of bad weather or cold sea, but the prices are much cheaper + there are not so many people in marinas and bays. We went in September and it is true that the sea was a little colder and it was rainy for a couple of days, but it was unforgettable and less crowded.
Take the skipper with you 😉, so that he takes care of the boat, marinas and discovering good inns, and you can indulge in enjoyment.

A couple of worse things to note:

  • not all bidders have the same quality (well-maintained) boats, so pay attention there.
  • however, you can catch very bad weather (it is that unpredictable nature), so it can spoil the atmosphere. But on the other hand, then you can really feel how powerful the sea is.
  • it can happen, however, that people on the ship quarrel (this is not such a rare case, a cramped space knows how to “get out”), but on the other hand, complete strangers can also fit in perfectly.

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