Sailing is a truly special experience – from sleeping on the deck of a ship, through enjoying the sunset on the open sea, to unforgettable parties with your favorite songs.

Below, find out everything you need to know before your first sailing – from packing and buying groceries, through the cost of renting a sailboat, to advice on how not to get off a boat full of bruises.

I was sailing in August 2017 and it is still my favorite vacation I have been on. It usually goes for 7 or 14 days and it’s surprising that 7 days was enough for me. We visited Croatia.

You stay outdoors, so almost 24/7. The inside of the boat is made to prepare food, go to the toilet, and possibly change clothes. I spent three of the four nights on the deck of the ship. Falling asleep by the moonlight and waking up with the first rays of the sun is one of the most beautiful experiences for me so far.

Relaxed, positive team, lots of laughter and joint, fun actions. Although I went on this summer vacation with people I didn’t know at all, the feeling didn’t deceive me. From daily parties, through cooking lunch together and washing dishes, to sunbathing and bathing – everything took place with ease and without tension. Brain rest.

The beach is a step away. After a couple of years of vacationing in Montenegro, where it took me at least an hour in columns to get to a decent beach (where people don’t lie on each other’s heads), here the beach was stretched through side ports. The day lasts longer than 24 hours because everything takes place in a few steps. No wasting time in transportation. You are where you are and you enjoy it.

Privacy. Nobody. The whole bay just for us. A sky that looks like sequins have been spilled over it. The moon is the only lamp. Slow music. There is a clatter of waves on the shore. We can talk or be silent. The atmosphere is equally perfect.

Every sentence I would use to describe this experience is incomplete.

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